Fall and Winter Happy Kids Art

Special Opportunities

Our special mini camps are a great low-cost, low-commitment way to enable your child to stay active and to experience a wide variety of different activities in the gym.


Don't be a couch potato - get up and have fun while moving in our Gymnastics Mini Camps! These fun Mini Camps are for girls ages 5 and up. Come have fun, work on skills, or maybe even learn a new skill.

  • GIRLS GYMNASTICS MINI CAMPS – 4:00 - 6:00 pm (ages 5 and up)
    • Friday, March 26
    • Friday, April 9
    • Friday, April 23
    • Friday, April 30


This fun mini camp is co-ed for ages 5-15 yrs old. Come have some fun and build your strength. This mini camp will be held at out Team Training Center located next to our main gym (6908 Downwind Rd).

  • "BE A HERO" MINI CAMP – 4:00 - 5:00 pm (ages 5-15)
    • Friday, March 26

Fall and Winter Happy Kids Art