Fun with Acro

Live and Recorded Online Instruction!

We will continue our online programming as needed while families transition back to in-gym classes and school schedules. If a family chooses to stay home a little longer and continue taking classes online, the tuition rate will remain the same, at $46 per month. The platform, however, will adjust as needed to allow for our coaches to return to their in-gym instruction responsibilities.

All students taking online classes will have the ability to access a password protected portion of this website, dedicated to those taking classes remotely. The password will be updated each month and emailed to all families who have registered for that given month.

The password protected pages will include pre-recorded Vimeo videos of skill break downs, challenges, and fun activities. There will also be scheduled live Zoom classes with links available directly from the website.

Instead of a student’s distance learning focused only on one program, they will have the ability to pick and choose classes throughout the week in various programs that suit their interests. During any given week, the student will have the ability to choose from the following...

For School-Agers:

  • girls gymnastics (open to all genders but focused on the women’s artistic program)
  • boys gymnastics (open to all genders but focused on the men’s artistic program)
  • trampoline and tumbling
  • parkour
  • ninja warrior
  • school-age dance
  • rock climbing
  • wild card class (which will be the coach's pick between acro, diving, cheerleading, tricking, etc.)
  • Plus, we will offer extra things on occasion like games, storytimes, live Q&A's and more!

NOTE: No Preschool Online Classes in September

Due to low online class attendance and the reopening of our in-person preschool programming, including TLC Educational Preschool and various dance, dance/gym combo, and gym classes, there will be no online preschool classes this month.

If you are interested in one or more of our preschool programs, click below for more information:

If you have any questions, please email our online program director